Why the Double Standard? (from Bill Martinez LIVE)



America support?s the Peshmerga, the Sunnis and the Yezidi, but NOT the ?Assyrian ?Christians of Nineveh?  Are Assyrian Christian women and children fit only to be sex slaves and decapitated?

LTC Sargis Sangari answers hard questions and gives solutions

One American knows the score-you deal with the Assyrian Christian genocides unfolding in Iraq and Syria by establishing an enduring partnership with Assyria and by arming and training their Christian led Army to defend their ancient homelands against ISIS in the Nineveh Plains so they can, take back their towns within their historical territories in Iraq and Syria.  DON’T wait for Washington to return your calls because they won’t!

  • Why The Peshmerga are not their saviors
  • Why waiting for the UN to step in invites annihilation for the Assyrian Christians
  • Why Assyrian Self-Governance is the answer under a military command friendly to the West
  • Why supporting this cause will go far and help maintain the legacy purchased through so much American sacrifice in Iraq
  • What awaits Europe, America, and the rest of the civilized nations if we fail to destroy ISIS now in the Nineveh Plains.

Former US Army Colonel Sargis Sangari has the technical and tactical expertise along with the cultural acumen to help America understand the ideological and economic battles being waged in the region and to help us negotiate within the Near East giving us the opportunity to individually and collectively take the fight to ISIL to help save Assyrian Christendom from eradication and to bring Security, Development, and Governance to their historical homelands.

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