Saudi is in trouble but U.S. news still remains silent on the coverage

With the killing of Saudi Airforce chief killed in Houthi Scud attack three weeks ago it is obvious that Saudi is on the decline when it comes to its internal security.

On 18 JUN 15 NEC-SE posted the article that Najran residents start war on Saudi Arabia after declaring secession.

NEC-SE has stated on multiple occasions that Saudi is in critical danger of failing as a country. During my interview on the Raymod Arroyo show on 21 MAY 15 I stated that Saudi may not last past September and that Saudi has had 300 plus bombings which have taken place in Saudi Arabia over the past month and a half.  http://nec-se.webbar312.net/2015/05/24/world-over-2015-05-21-isis-continues-its-advance-lt-col-sragis-sangari-with-raymond-arroyo/

On 29 APR 15 NEC-SE posted: “Saudi is desperately trying to control ISIS within its boarders at the same time it is trying to fight against Iran’s ever expanding network of supporters and friends within the region.”
“Whoever come out the victor at the end will win the loyalties of the generations which still not been born within the Near East region.”
Given we posted on 28 APR 15 that a delegates from the U.S. oil industry is expected in Tehran to explore the possibility of conducting business there, the reality for Saudi is that it may have already lost the strategic battle.”
“We had placed a 30 day timeline on the possible changes in our first posting dating back to our 11 MAR 15 article which stated that Sweden had decided to canceling their arms deal with Saudi.”

Exposed: Saudi airforce chief killed in Houthi Scud attack

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