Why are 3000-5000 Yazidis who had sought refuge from ISIS in camps within Northern Iraq and Turkey now escaping into Europe? Europe now needs to deal with this crisis.

It seems that if your a minority or Displaced Person in the Middle East you might as well write off your future.

“One refugee told media that the Yazidis left their camp because conditions are unbearable.”

“All that matters now is to move on, we don’t even care where we go,” one female refugee said. “We are dying daily, and I can’t stand it anymore.”

“Where are the European countries? Where is humanity? We left Iraq to Turkey eager to find justice. But there is no justice here, they discriminate against us,” Hussein Ali Khan, another refugee, said.

Turkish officials say that they have to enforce the law and prevent the refugees from moving into Europe, but the refugees seem very unwilling to return to their camps. 250 Yazidi refugees, including some elderly migrants, attempted to cross the border into Bulgaria elsewhere, but they were also caught. When authorities attempted to marshal them onto buses, apparently many sat down on the ground in protest. It took the border patrol agents five hours to load the buses after the protest.

Yazidis are still administered by the KRG in Northern Iraq and have asked for Self-Administration in their historical areas. administration policies in Northern Iraq.

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