21 APR 15 interview of LTC Sangari and Mr. Mathew VaDyke on Chuck-Morse-Speaks

On 21 APR 15 I participated in a round table interview on Chuck-Morse-Speaks. Mr. Morse other guest was Mr. Matthew VanDyke from Sons of Liberty International. We were asked questions from the Assyrian’s military and protection forces and their future, and KRG influence in the region and on those forces. NEC-SE did not post this interview because we wanted to hold off until the changes, which I had spoken about in the interview, started to manifest themselves on the ground.

NEC-SE has done this in the past to include posting articles from a year ago to ensure other stories had been developed. We encourage our readers to listen to the interview and go back and read through the link analysis of the stories we have posted on NEC-SE about the KRG. The readers can then determine if they believe that the KRG has lost political favor with the various nations in the world and within the region, given that they decided to declare independence at all costs especially as the citizens of Mosul, whom they were suppose to defend, were being killed as the Kurds declared their independence in Iraq.

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