Do you believe that the KRG has lost political favor with the various nations in the world and within the region?

On 21 APR 15 I participated in a round table interview on Chuck-Morse-Speaks. Mr. Morse other guest was Mr. Matthew VanDyke from Sons of Liberty International. We were asked questions from the Assyrian’s military and protection forces and their future, and KRG influence in the region and on those forces. NEC-SE did not post this interview because we wanted to hold off until the changes, which I had spoken about in the interview, started to manifest themselves on the ground.

NEC-SE has done this in the past to include posting articles from a year ago to ensure other stories had been developed. We encourage our readers to listen to the interview and go back and read through the link analysis of the stories we have posted on NEC-SE about the KRG. The readers can then determine if they believe that the KRG has lost political favor with the various nations in the world and within the region, given that they decided to declare independence at all costs especially as the citizens of Mosul, whom they were suppose to defend, were being killed as the Kurds declared their independence in Iraq.

On 2 JUL 15 NEC-SE posted the article: “U.S. blocks attempts by Arab allies to fly heavy weapons directly to Kurds to fight Islamic State.” http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/islamic-state/11712237/US-blocks-attempts-by-Arab-allies-to-fly-heavy-weapons-directly-to-Kurds-to-fight-Islamic-State.html

On 1 JUL 15 NEC-SE posted the article: “U.S. Military proposal to Arm Rebels Includes No-Fly Zone in Syria”. This no fly zone will help Turkey and Jordan to take territory in Syria currently under Syrian Kurds control to ensure a buffer zone is created for the two nations.

On 30 JUN 15 NEC-SE posted the radio interview with Audrey Russo conducted on 25 JUN 15 where I spoke about Effects of the Turkish elections on the region and Turkey possibly entering Northern Syria and northern Iraq. http://www.audreyrusso.com/Sargis_Sangari_615_intro.mp3

On the same date we posted the article: “To hold Northern Syria Turkey may have to conduct operations in Northern Iraq.” The posting of the article followed this: “Turkey gives Army orders to prepare for intervention in Syria.” http://nec-se.webbar312.net/2015/06/30/to-hold-northern-syria-turkey-may-also-have-to-conduct-operations-in-northern-iraq/

On 29 JUN 15 NEC-SE posted the article and asked the question, “Why are 3000-5000 Yazidis who had sought refuge from ISIS in camps within Northern Iraq and Turkey now escaping into Europe?” http://nec-se.webbar312.net/2015/06/29/why-are-3000-5000-yazidis-who-had-sought-refuge-from-isis-in-camps-within-northern-iraq-and-turkey-now-escaping-into-europe-europe-now-needs-to-deal-with-this-crisis/

On the same day we posted the article: “KRG seeks $5 billion lifeline with the comments that “attacks by ISIS in the past week indicate that it will expand its operations through the region…expect that the bloodiest campaign can be launched between 15 and 29 JUL.” We also posted: “New and more ISIS attacks, and the same old security procedures and policies.” http://nec-se.webbar312.net/2015/06/29/new-and-more-isis-attacks-and-the-same-old-security-procedures-and-policies/

On 18 JUN 15 NEC-SE posted: “Turkish elections and the new operational environment in the Middle East.” In the posting we stated: “The current leadership of the KRG is in such a panic given they lost their ally, (Turkish President), in the region that Mr. Nerchavan Barazani, Prime Minister of Kurdistan made a two day long emergency trip to Sulaymaniyah right after the elections.” His meeting was targeted at persuading the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) interim leader Kosrat Rasul, to see if an alliance can be struck in order to save the Barazani KRG fractured coalition. The said coalition has been under fire given they declared independence while Mosul was being overrun by ISIS last year, sold Iraqi oil to Turkey given a 50 year contract they signed with Turkey without Iraq’s permission, promised oil to Israel that they cannot deliver given they have almost lost their footprint in Nineveh Plains and Kirkuk, and after they were told by the State Department that they need to learn how to administer a region before a region is given to them carte blanche. This does not include the 41% corruption index score and the fact that the KRG has not paid or shorted its civil servants pay over the past 5 months. All of the aforementioned lead to the possible ouster of some notable members of the KRG within a year. http://nec-se.webbar312.net/2015/06/18/turkish-elections-and-the-new-operational-environment-in-the-middle-east/

On 9 JUN 15 NEC-SE posted: Assyrian: the brave and honorable guardians of civility in the Middle East. In the article we stated: “Since Netanyahu’s speech last June Kurds have joined ISIS to fight Kurds in Khobani, 100 plus members of the Kurdish Religious Department have left to join ISIS, and the Kurdish Regional Government abandoned the Mosul battlefields it needed to hold in support of future business agreements with Israeli oil in the middle of the night in August 2014, one month after the Israeli’s PM speech in support of their independence.   http://nec-se.webbar312.net/2015/06/09/assyrians-the-brave-and-honorable-guardians-of-civility-in-the-middle-east/

On 24 May 15 NEC-SE posted the T.V. of the World Over broadcast conducted on 21 MAY 15 where I spoke about the problems facing the citizens under KRG administration. http://nec-se.webbar312.net/2015/05/24/world-over-2015-05-21-isis-continues-its-advance-lt-col-sragis-sangari-with-raymond-arroyo/

On 15 MAY 15 NEC-SE reposted the article: “U.S. oil executives to travel to Iran.” It was noted by our previous postings that the Shia militiamen are now controlling the Kirkuk Oil fields, which were initially under Peshmerga controls.

On 4 MAY 15 NEC-SE posted our Two Views, One Trip article where we looked at the issues faced by the KRG. In the posting we stated: “If Barzani had planned to discuss his desire to establish a Kurdish autonomous region on this trip, the U.S. State Department spokesperson, Jenn Psaki, soon disabused him of this notion. In a statement to a Kurdish reporter, Psaki said that the KRG is part of Iraq and the Iraq government, and that “Prime Minister Al-Abadi remains the head of the Iraqi government.” This was a clear indication that the United States would not support the establishment of a Kurdish state if the topic was brought up in discussions.” https://www.facebook.com/necforse/posts/1096053617077954

On 19 APR 15 we broke the story of the attack against our U.S. Consulate on Chuck-Morse-Speaks live. The broadcast was not posted until 22 APR 15. The attack showed the weakness of the KRG security forces to govern their areas. http://nec-se.webbar312.net/2015/04/22/the-assyrian-christian-army-in-iraq/

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