Italian consulate attack in Egypt may be linked to Italian oil purchases from ISIS

On 25 JUN 15 and again on 9 JUL 15 during two key interviews on Reeltalk with Audrey Russo I stated that Italy is buying oil from ISIS who are operating the oil fields in Libya.  Egypt’s need to control ISIS operations in its territory may require them to now enter Libya over the next few months to stabilize Libya but more importantly to control those oil fields.  I also stated on another radio show that the only reason this action would be stopped is given pressure from western countries that have an economic stake in Libya.

These oil fields have brought economic benefits to ISIL, which is now pressuring Egypt in the Sinai, and on the Libyan and Egyptian boarder.

Today the Italian consulate was attacked in Egypt leaving one dead.  It seems that any pressures from Italy who was buying oil from Libya will now be reduced on Egypt and its need to enter Libya via its ground forces to stop ISIS operations within its boarders.

On 23 FEB 15 during my talk in Tokyo I stated that the Middle East topics and issues are tied to not only ideological battles being waged in the Middle East but also the economic battles which are global in nature.  These battles have now cost Italy, Egypt, and ISIS economically and ideologically within the region.


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