Islamic State Launches Chemical Weapons against the KRG

NEC-SE had stated in multiple radio interviews that between the 18-29 JUL 15 will be critical times for KRG security and that our main worry is the possible use of Chemical Weapons in the KRG by ISIS.  The news from 22 JUL 15 is a confirmation that our concerns were very much inline with what is happening in the region at the tactical and operational levels.

“Confirmation from two reputable organizations this week that the Islamic State used chemical weapons against Kurds in Iraq offers clues into the group’s capabilities and intentions. Though the use of chemical weapons can create fear, the recent attack in some ways points to the Islamic State’s limitations.”
“The type of chemical weapon used, which contained chlorine, is not very potent. And while chlorine can cause a violent physical reaction, the effect of such weapons is mostly psychological. Indeed, the Islamic State might have used chemical weapons primarily to save their conventional ammunition.” (Coordination Center)



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