Syriac-Assyrians press release goals are self-determination and self-administration

“Christians in Syria have welcomed the statement by US General John Allen, the special coordinator of the International Coalition against ISIS, in which he recognised the need for all peoples in Syria to have some degree of autonomy when they are freed from tyranny.”

“The Syriac-Assyrians made their comments in a press release in which they also welcomed the continuing efforts of the coalition against ISIS. “This demonstrates,” they said, “that the war against the militant group is a war to defend the whole of humanity.”

“Spokesperson Rima Tüzün. “In reality,” she said, “our peoples have been denied self-determination and administration. Although we welcome the continuing and intense air support, we believe that we can only build a safe future and self-administration regions if we receive substantial military support of training and equipment in order to defend ourselves against ISIS on the ground.” The same is true for the Kurds, Arabs and other neighbours of the Syriacs, she insisted.”


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