Azerbaijani terrorists who fight in Syria are called on to come back and attack Armenians of Karabakh

The fifth prediction by NEC-SE comes true this week.

On 28 APR 15 NEC-SE posted the article Europe’s Map is Redrawn as Azerbaijan Goes East.
The article stated: “This time, the cartographer-in-chief was neither Putin (Ukraine) nor NATO (Kosovo), but the president of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev. For years, geographers had wondered where to place his little country on the shores of the Caspian Sea. Was it still in Europe? Or was it already in Central Asia?”
“The question was always primarily political, not geographical. Was oil-rich Azerbaijan ‘transitioning’ towards democracy, like its neighbor Georgia, to eventually become part of the European family? Or was it turning into a family-run fiefdom like the Stans further east?”
On 13 MAY 15 NEC-SE posted “With the caucuses being pushed closer to Russia, the decision has to be made as to what needs to happen to control and influence the resources of the Baku Oil Fields and the pipelines that export the oil and gas from the region.”
On 15 MAY 15 NEC-SE posted: “Let’s hope the economic and ideological war being waged in the Middle East does not expand into the Black Sea. However, NEC-SE highly doubts that Armenia and Azerbaijan, Turkey and Iran will not find themselves untouched by the effort of global players who will use the resources within the region to leverage their global footprint and political control over the region or over the mentioned countries.”


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