On 16 JUN 15 Congress Voted Against Directly Arming Iraq’s Kurds.

On JUN 16, the Senate voted 54-45 against the measure to Arm the Kurds directly. The majority of Democrats, following the White House’s lead, voted against the amendment.

On 24 JUN 15 Turkey began Air-Strikes on Kurdish Positions in Northern Iraq and Syria. Turkey also continued attacks on “Islamic State” in Syria amid push to create ‘safe zones’.

On 18 JUL 15 NEC-SE posted the article: http://nec-se.webbar312.net/2015/07/18/1-the-beginning-of-a-new-era-for-the-oldest-region/

In the article we stated:  “As pointed out in previous posts at the NEC-SE, the nuclear deal concluded between the United States and Iran is almost entirely to the latter’s benefit. In effect, the United States has handed Iran the keys to the Middle East. As a result, Iran will shortly move deeper into Iraq and the Kurdish Regional Government. The Iranians must do so now, taking advantage of the window of opportunity that the agreement has opened for them, in order to expand their political and military influence in the region. These moves by Iran will paralyze KRG national aspirations. It must be said, however, that the KRG has set itself up for this outcome. Developments in the region over the past 15 years have repeatedly shown the KRG leadership that global economics always trumps Kurdish tribal politics and the KRG’s 41 percent Corruption Index. But the KRG leadership has remained willfully and resolutely blind to such realities. They continue to operate in the same old outmoded ways, guided by an obsolete tribal mentality. Just last week, for example, the leadership announced that they would sell KRG oil on their own, seemingly oblivious to U.S. Delta Team’s recent successful mission to kill the ISIS oil minister—an action undertaken because ISIS was selling on the cheap to Turkey at the same time that U.S. oil company representatives were in Teheran meeting with Iranian leaders. Kurdish leaders have been shown, but failed to learn, that they cannot govern a nation as if it were a tribe. This is the primary reason that the KRG has not achieved nationhood. Instead of becoming a sovereign state, the KRG is nothing more than a political tool to be used by other global powers to bash each other over the head. The situation is likely to continue for the next 45 years, when the next redrawing of the Middle East boarders will be completed.”

The KRG is headed towards being split up with Turkey having influence over the Dohuk and Arbil while Iran controls Kirkuk and Sulaymaniyah.  Welcome to the realities of global economics 101 and the inability to administer regions.


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