Yesterday Turkey received NATO’s support, today they receive Chinese Missiles, and tomorrow….

This is a dangerous game being played by the global powers.  As I tell my kids when you play with fire you could get burned.  Just hope your not the first to feel the burn.

The article states:  “The President of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan arrived in Beijing on Wednesday to commence his much anticipated visit to China. The visit by the Turkish leader – his first to China – comes amid tensions over the alleged mistreatment and migration of Uighurs in China as well as the prospect of reviving a long-range missile defense system deal between both nations.”

“Among other things, President Erdogan is expected to discuss the recent dispute between both countries over the deportation of over 100 Chinese Uighur Muslims from Thailand. The incident sparked violent anti-China protests in Turkey and forced China to warn its citizens in Turkey to take security precautions. President Erdogan has distanced his administration from these protests.”

“Besides the Uighur situation, President Erdogan has revealed that he will discuss the 2013 agreement for China to build Turkey’s first long-range missile defense system. The $3.4 billion deal was put on ice due to disagreements over the China-built system’s compatibility with Turkey’s joint air defense weaponry with NATO and the U.S.”


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