The Assyrian Christians in the Middle East are being eradicated.  This killing is happening in light of the world community knowing the facts.  If the world community does not have the will to stop the eradication of the people who speak the language of Christ than they will not have the will to stop the eradication of their own culture when radical Islam attacks them at home.

“Earlier this month, Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury wrote an article for The Times ahead of a Lords Debate on religious freedom. He wrote:  “Around the world, Christian churches are burned in south India, Muslim and Christian villages attacked in parts of Myanmar. As for the Levant and Mesopotamia, we are all too terribly aware of extreme violence by Isis and its allies against every other group.  “Earlier this year I visited Egypt to offer condolences following the murder of 21 Coptic Christians in Libya, who died proclaiming ‘Jesus Christ is Lord’. Of the 37 Anglican provinces to which I travelled during my first 18 months in office, almost half were living under persecution. They fear for their lives every day.”


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