Turkish violence yet to spill over into Kurdish oil operations

On 28 JUL 15 NEC-SE posted portions of the article:  Explosion shuts down Iran-Turkey natural gas pipeline-Kurdish rebels were blamed.  In the editors notes we stated: “With Turkish continued bombardment of Kurdish positions in Iraq and Syria and Iran now in solid control of the Kirkuk oil fields and Iranian economy in complete control of the Sulaymaniyah economy it seems that the Kurdish groups in the region have finally realized that their dream of a greater kurdistan is done.”

“Kurdish elements will fight against Turkish and Iranian interests in their areas.”

“NEC-SE askes who is responsible for the security and the maintenance of this pipeline? Is is Turkey, Iraq, or Iran? Keep an eye on this friction point.”


The below article states:  “”OSLO, Norway, July 30 (UPI) — Norwegian energy company DNO International said Thursday its oil operations in the north of Iraq were isolated from violence raging across the border in Turkey.”

“DNO said that, prior to the oil pipeline bombing, production from Tawke to date averaged about 157,000 bpd, of which the bulk was transferred to the Kurdish government. About 20,000 bpd was sold by DNO to the local market and another 3,500 bpd processed in a local Kurdish refinery.”

“The company said “it is closely tracking regional security developments and will take measures to secure personnel and facilities as necessary.”


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