Al-Nusra calls on US-backed rebels to ‘withdraw’ after killing 5 members

This is how U.S. administrations wastes Tax payer monies.

Since FEB 15 the Assyrian military forces have been asking for 5 million USD to sustain and initially field its 10K man and women army on the battle filed both in Iraq and Syria.  Unfortunately, the current administration keeps spending money on group of Islamic rebels who could not withstand a simple squad size maneuver against them on the battlefield.

If the administration had spend one million U.S. a month on the Christian Assyrian military from February of this year the Assyrian military would have sustained and held the communication lines between Al-Raqqah and Mosul in their historical homeland not only saving the lives of the people killed in the Khabour River Valley but would have limited the expansion of the current war into Turkey.

However, knowing how DOD contracting operates it will continue to spend the remaining money on a failed contract until the $’s dry up and or the force can not be sustained in the future because of both economic and political reasons.

The article states:  “Al-Qaeda affiliate claims responsibility for capturing Division 30’s top leaders earlier this week in further blow for US policy in Syria.”



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