Assyrian Christians become the latest to back the YPG in Syria and add to the latest casualty list of Christians

On 9 MAR 15 NEC-SE posted the article: Miracles, Genocide, and War Crimes.  In the article we stated posed three questions to the so called Assyrian leaders.

Three questions remain unanswered for the Assyrian community.
1. Why did some Assyrian “leaders” decide to split our military forces and create a police force rather than taking part in the battle that was then being fought in Syria and in the Nineveh Plains?
Note: This force of is currently sitting at home.
2. Why are the Assyrian people allowing their force to remain split and continuing to support the decisions of their leaders–who have, by splitting our force and leaving Assyrian villages to be overrun by ISIS, delivered the Assyrian nation into the hands of the enemy?
3. How many more Assyrians must die, how many more Assyrian villages must be captured by ISIS, and how many more Assyrians must flee their homes before the decision to split the force is reversed?
Assyrians have multiple enemies within the region. These enemies have not shown yet that they have the will and the desire to change over the past 100 years. As bad as these enemies actions are towards the Assyrians the worst action is when the Assyrian “leaders” act in support of those enemies, by degrading our force capabilities and recommending that the remaining Assyrians fight under other flags and banners and in support of those forces national and regional causes within the Assyrian homeland.
It is still not too late for Assyrian forces to beat back ISIS in the Nineveh Plains and sometime in the distant future to return to the Khabur River Valley: but time is fast running out. Assyrian forces must unite now under one command and control, in one army, under the Assyrian flag. Otherwise any Assyrian “leader” who split our forces under any circumstances and under any justification” needs to be held accountable for war crimes.

The Assyrians who are fighting under the KDP and KRG may soon have to fight and die in the battle filed against PKK.  The Assyrians who are fighting in the PKK will be killed in NATO bombings and Turkish military operations in the region.  The Assyrians who are fighting with the YPG will die under the Russian tied flag and finally the Assyrians fighting with the Shia backed elements will eventually find themselves fighting and dying to control oil fields for regional players.

As this is happening Assyrians who are incapable of leading any military forces in the region will make money off of the heads of the individuals they turn over to fight and die for those regional causes given they are unable to move off of being local politicians and begin thinking strategically about how to self govern their own historical homeland.

The article states: “Syriac Military Council (SMC) is a self-formed defense league allied with the Kurdish militia Peaople’s Protection Units (YPG) and some factions of the Free Syrian Army in Hasakah, Syria, where Daesh (ISIS) militants have pushed up against them for months.”


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