Iraq’s Kurds Ask PKK Rebels To Withdraw (KDP possible deal with Turkey)

When the elections for the KRG which were scheduled for 20 AUG 15 were canceled, you knew that a behind the door deal may have been struck between the KDP and the Turkish leadership, the latter which have political control over the top portions of the KRG provinces.  Given the request by the KRG for the PKK to withdraw from their territories, it’s obvious that the Kurdish groups have turned against each other for political viability of their leadership.

This is another reason why the Assyrians have asked for self-governance, given the Kurdish leadership is still tribal in mentality and only want their political groups to survive at any and all costs to what they call their national aspirations.  

NEC-SE has stated multiple times that for Turkey to be able to secure northern Syria they will have to take key strategic locations in Northern Iraq.  Given a NATO member will be very reluctant to invade northern Iraq using ground troops, they need surrogates who can oust the PKK for them.  For the Assyrians who are flocking to join the KRG forces you may see action but it may be fighting and dying at the hands of the PKK given the KRG now has non Kurdish forces to use for dislodging the PKK if they refuse to leave for Barzani’s political and tribal survival.


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