Islamic State Free Zone or a doctrinally correct No Fly Zone?

Doctrinally the United States Military understands no fly zone.  This concept of the Islamic State Free Zone has no doctrinal roots.  Given the United States leadership has realized that when Turkey has established its no fly zone/ISIS free zone in Syria and given combat operations possibilities it might lead to the new Chinese missiles purchased by Turkey slamming into the Syrian Army Russian MIG’s which were delivered from Russia to Syria earlier this year.

If it was named a no fly zone it would not bode well for NATO forces but if you call it an ISIS free zone than if something happens during the fighting than its between Russia and China to resolve their “differences” in the region.

NEC-SE is dedicated to using open source reporting to show our readers how to look at the news begin reported and for our readers to consider that terms used in the press have significant meanings.  The problem is that in the Middle East terms lead to possibly expanding the current war past a regional conflict and any possible escalation of combat operations in the region will extend the current fighting past the projected time frame.


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