Putin Consults With Israeli Leaders on Syria and Iran

NEC-SE holds article at times to see what other side notes will follow given meetings between state leaders.  Since this meeting with Putin no fruitful meetings has taken place between Israeli officials and U.S. political leaders.

The sad reality is that this meeting and the lack of major meetings with U.S. leadership since this engagment confirms that Iran is firmly in Russia’s corner.  The other take away from this meeting is that Isreali officials meet with the Russian leadership to learn about the details of the Iranian nuclear deal given they do not trust what they have learned from the U.S. administration about the deal.

This does not bode well for U.S. foreign policy and influence in the region and may hamper U.S. and Israeli relationship through the American national elections.

The article stated: “President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia conferred with Israeli leaders on Monday during a 24-hour visit that juxtaposed the much improved ties between the countries with their sharp differences, chief among them the Iranian nuclear program.”

“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and other senior Israeli officials held talks with Mr. Putin that focused on Iran and other regional issues, according to the prime minister’s office.”


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