Tangle of alliances is throttling Middle East’s Christians

Christians of Iraq and Syria are being eradicated.  Until U.S. administration begins directly arming and training them this trend will continue.

The article states:  “Most of Washington’s allies have been reluctant to join its anti-Islamic State (IS) bombing campaign. One of the most conspicuous holdouts, NATO member Turkey, has now reluctantly yielded to American pressure. But its rulers have exacted a stiff price: the right to bomb the region’s most effective anti-IS fighting force – the Syrian and Iraqi-based Kurdish militias.”

“With restive Kurds making up roughly 20 per cent of Turkey’s population, the country’s Islamist authorities feel more threatened by secular Kurdish nationalism than by jihadism. Thus the grisly war in the Levant and Mesopotamia threatens to spread into Anatolia.”

“Four years ago this month, President Barack Obama made a fateful decision. He announced that “the time has come for President Assad to step aside … for the sake of the Syrian people”. This signal for regime change triggered a set of measures, both overt and covert, involving a network of US-led alliances. While the US leads, the UK is a significant element in its network of alliances.”


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