Congress should fact-check the Kurds

The article states: “According to Iraqi government data which I reproduce below, the international coalition has delivered 369 plane loads of military equipment and weaponry to the KRG between August 21, 2014 and June 22, 2015. As to the national breakdown: 131 British flights, 71 Italian flights, 45 US supply flights, 35 Canadian flights, 31 German flights, 28 French flights, 15 from Australia, six from the Netherlands, two each from Russia and the Czech Republic, and a single flight each from Ukraine and Norway. This list, of course, only includes official purchases. The KRG has separately received weaponry from Iran, Bulgaria, and Hungary, the manifests for which are not available to Baghdad and so are also not included below. The list is long, but it is important to reproduce to assess more fully and accurate what the KRG might need.” The article also lays out per round of equipment sent to KRG.


Since last year the Assyrian military forces have asked for 5 million USD to enable the initial fielding of a 10,000 man Assyrian Army under their own command and control to secure their historical homelands.  The list of equipment and supplies provided in the article is in the 100’s of millions given the logistical support needed to deliver the items to the KRG. NEC-SE hopes that the United States State Department finally comes through with the needed support to field and sustain the larger Assyrian Christian Military so that it can protect its historical homeland, until that happens we ask our readers to also donate to the unitedassyrianappeal.org which is geared towards providing the needed funding to help sustain the basic living requirements for the Assyrian military families who’s loved ones are fighting in Iraq and Syria against ISIS.


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