Analysis: US-Turkey deal on Syria a big gamble

The article states: “President Barack Obama and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan are both taking a big gamble as they agree to work together against the Islamic State group militants in Syria.”

Earlier today we posted: http://nec-se.webbar312.net/2015/08/04/russian-president-to-turkish-ambassador-tell-your-dictator-president-he-can-go-to-hell-along-with-his-isis-terrorists-i-will-make-syria-a-big-stalingrad-for-him/

On 29 JUL 15 NEC-SE posted the article: Yesterday Turkey received NATO’s support today they receive Chinese missiles and tomorrow…. In the posting we stated: “This is a dangerous game being played by the global powers. As I tell my kids when you play with fire you could get burned. Just hope your not the first to feel the burn.”

It seems that the world press are expressing similar worries but for a different reason.


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