Former Hacking Team Developer Reportedly in Contact with a Terrorist Group

This war is not being fought on tactical and operational levels only.  It has extended into the cyber world where the enemy can have major affects on U.S. ability to keep its “neutral operations” hidden from enemy intercepts.  Unless Congress dedicates money to this battlefield U.S. will find itself exposed to IO campaigns which will affect the homeland ability to control information operations that  support our operational and strategic level operations in the Middle East conflicts.

“An individual who did work for Hacking Team was in contact with hackers working for a terrorist organization, and disgruntled employees-who deny the charge-were planning to sell an antidote to the spyware vendor’s surveillance software, an Italian newspaper reported Friday.”
“A general in the Italian foreign intelligence service (AISE), identified as “G” in internal emails published by WikiLeaks three weeks ago, told Hacking Team CEO David Vincenzetti that “an ex-collaborator of Hacking Team is working with foreign hackers who collaborate with terrorist organizations,” according to Il Fatto Quotidiano.”
“Hacking Team, a Milan-based company that sold surveillance software to law enforcement agencies around the world and was criticized for helping oppressive regimes crack down on their political opponents, suffered a disastrous security breach at the beginning of July, with 400 GB of confidential information eventually dumped online.” (Coordination Cell)


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