Jordan Court Sentences 8 in Alleged Hezbollah Attack Plot

The main affect on the U.S. footprint in the region is that Jordan is the main base for U.S. Central Command Forward, a deployed element that coordinates between U.S. and Jordanian forces, as well as among other U.S. organizations, including the U.S. Agency for International Development, the U.S. State Department, and the roughly 1,000 members of the U.S. Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force in-country.  The team in Jordan also includes liaison officers linking them to the services, special operations forces, the U.S. Embassy in Jordan, USAID, Britain, Canada and France. Its primary focus is planning for Syria and the training of the Syrian opposition forces.

“An official says Jordan’s state security court handed down prison terms for eight defendants in an alleged plot by Lebanon’s Hezbollah militia to attack U.S. troops and Israel’s embassy in Jordan. Jordanian media have reported that seven Jordanian defendants were arrested before being able to move ahead with their plans and were charged with possessing weapons and making explosives.”

“The government official says the Jordanian leader of the group was sentenced Wednesday to 10 years, while the remaining Jordanians were given two or three years. He says the eighth defendant, a Syrian, was sentenced in absentia to 15 years. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to brief the media on court decisions. Hezbollah is staunchly anti-US and has waged cross-border wars with Israel.” (Coordination Cell)


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