Sunni’s states of Turkey, Saudi, UAE, IS, and the PKK are at war with each other as Shia Iran is touring the European capitals

Turkey announced that its coalition will launch ‘comprehensive battle’ against the Islamic State.  The below article link states:  “Turkey said on Wednesday a U.S.-led coalition will soon launch a “comprehensive battle” against Islamic State militants from Turkish air bases, but Syria said any military action not coordinated with Damascus would breach its sovereignty.”

“NATO-member Turkey formally agreed to open its air bases to U.S. and coalition aircraft last month, a major policy change after years of reluctance in taking a frontline role against the Islamist fighters pressing on its borders.”


As Turkey is waging a war against ISIS and PKK in Syria, Saudi Arabia special forces have been confirmed to be operating in Yemen and UAE has deployed ground forces in support of a larger Saudi Arabian military ground presence in Yemen.  Both UAE and Saudi Arabia are supporting Turkish attack efforts against ISIS in Syria.

NEC-SE asks our readers to look at the landscape and the open source reporting and do the link analysis which shows that currently the Sunni States are at war with the Islamic State and are bombing other Sunni’s in the fight (PKK Kurds).  What do you think ISIS will do now in Yemen given Saudi Arabia and UAE are supporting a fight against it in Syria.  Now that both these states have introduced ground forces they have no option but to have to win this war.

As a side note the Shia Iran has been now invited to visit Italy after France invited Iranian leadership to visit France to negotiate future contracts in the region.



With or without Congresses approval of the Iranian Nuclear Deal with Iran it seems that Iran has already won and is moving forward with securing its economic future with the EU and the global community as the Sunni States are in full fledge fight killing each other.




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