U.A.E. Accuses 41 of Forming Terrorist Organization, Planning Terror Attacks

UAE has been known for their linkage to funding various organizations that donate to possible ISIS operations in the region.

“Authorities in the United Arab Emirates on Sunday accused 41 individuals of forming a terrorist organization that planned to carry out terror attacks in the country, according to state news agency WAM.”

“An investigation found that they had acquired guns and explosives and communicated with foreign terrorist groups, the brief statement on WAM said, without specifying who those groups were. The U.A.E. public prosecutor referred the individuals to the Federal Supreme Court for trial to face charges of founding and running a terrorist group and planning “terrorist acts”.”

“The group—made up of foreigners and U.A.E. nationals—planned to create an extremist caliphate within the U.A.E., Attorney General Salem Saeed Kubaish said, according to WAM. In recent weeks, authorities in both Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have arrested suspects connected to the Sunni militant group Islamic State. The moves come after a spate of bombings in the two countries that killed dozens, mostly Shia citizens.” (Coordination Center)


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