Assad either survival or division of Syria

On 12 AUG 15 NEC-SE posted the article:  #2) The beginning of a new era for the oldest region (Syria)

In the article we stated: “NEC-SE believed that before Assad leaves and is “replaced” the Alawites who have been tied to Assad and the Christians will have their own “region.” This is what Russian, U.S. and other key players in Syria may have agreed upon. The Christian “region” will be geographically linked to Lebanon.”

“The link analysis and our understanding of the operational environment show us that these key players have turned over the execution of their policy to Iran’s FM Zarif, who negotiated his country’s nuclear deal with world powers, which is why he is in Damascus and Beirut talking about the possible peace process in Syria.”

Todays Arabic article states: “An official French source said commenting on Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov talks with Saudi Arabia Jubeir foreign minister that he can not imagine displacement of President al-Assad without the division of Syria, said the French source said Assad retains district of Damascus, Homs and the coast all in addition to the spread to many areas in Syria and the Arab Syrian army loyalty Assad and raises solution offsets Assad poses a placebo solution must decades of Baath Party rule, and Assad forces in the army, security and head of the pro-Assad. Then he said how we deal with Daash Oojbhh victory or conquest Army to organize the Syrian state if the removal of President al-Assad for that survival of Assad necessary but with authorship of a national unity government after the election of deputies of the Syrian under the supervision of the United Nations and result in a national unity government gives President Assad is part of his powers and seal Source saying: either the lion or the survival of the division of Syria.”


NEC-SE can now add to our assessment hat a key to the timeline of the Syrian redesign seems to be that the world powers and key players who have agreed upon this deal want to ensure that any settlement in Syria will be final only after assurances that the Syrian region wars do not reignite in the future given misreads of the political and economic benefits to all.


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