Kurdish forces attacked with chemical weapons in Iraq: German army

On 30 JUL 15 NEC-SE posted: “U.S. Consulate General in Erbil reports credible threat specific to public places 31 JUL – 1 AUG 15”

In the posting we stated: “NEC-SE has stated in multiple interviews that the most dangerous times in KRG will be from 18 JUL – 20 AUG 15 when the KRG elections are scheduled. Our worry to this date is the use of chemical weapons in the region. Please listen to our 25 JUN 15 interview on Audrey Russo show and look at the changes that have and will take place since the interview. Our hope is that our information helps the security issues in the region to save lives.


Todays article states:  “Kurdish forces in northern Iraq who are fighting ISIS militants were attacked with chemical weapons a few days ago, the German Defense Ministry said Thursday.”

“There was a chemical weapons attack” southwest of Irbil, a ministry spokesman told AFP, adding that some Kurdish fighters suffered respiratory problems while German military trainers were unhurt.

“The chemical agent had been delivered with mortar or artillery shells, said the spokesman, who did not say who was suspected of carrying out the attack.  American and Iraqi specialists from Baghdad are on their way to find out what happened,” he added.


Syrian Free Press has also reported today that DAESH is preparing to launch chemical attack in Syria’s Hasaka province.

NEC-SE knows that if pressured DASH will use chemicals to protect the Islamic State.  The Chemicals are prepared and ready for use.


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