ISIS beheads 82-year-old archaeologist in Palmyra, Syrian official says

Each person can do their part to fight evil ideology.  It does not have to be done in uniform and holding a weapon in your hand.  It can be done through resistance against the terrorists at every turn.

The article states: “Abdulkarim said that Asaad had been held and interrogated by members of the terror group for over a month before his death. The official said that Asaad’s captors had been looking for information about where the town’s treasures had been hidden to save them from ISIS, but they had no success getting the information from the scholar.”

“ISIS seized Palmyra, whose Roman-era ruins attracted thousands of tourists prior to Syria’s civil war, from government forces in May. In the days and weeks before the city fell, Syrian officials said they had moved hundreds of statues out of concern that they would be destroyed by ISIS fighters.”



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