Fading Economy and Graft Crackdown Rattle China’s Leaders

On 27 JUL 15 NEC-SE posted: “For the second time this year China learns that the world powers have a say on your expansion dreams.”


Today China has learned that a nation without a strong economy is a nation without political influence within the world.  Unfortunately for all of us when Chinese economy sneezes the Western economies develop Phenomena.

The article states:  “The start to the day was hardly unusual for a senior Chinese leader in a country grappling with an economic slowdown. On the morning of July 24, Zhou Benshun attended a meeting to promote one of President Xi Jinping’s signature projects, a plan to boost growth by building a “supercity” that would integrate Beijing with the region around it.”

“But by 6:10 p.m. that day, Mr. Zhou’s career was over, and he faced years in prison.”



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