If Assad Falls, West Will Be Unable to Defeat ISIL –French Politician

The article states: “In an interview for Le Point, French politician Nicolas Dupont-Aignan noted that the West’s “ill-conceived neo-colonial policy” of overthrowing secular governments in the Middle East was to blame for the disaster presently being faced by the region and by Europe, adding that if the Syrian government falls, ISIL’s positions will become unassailable.”


On 13 AUG 15 NEC-SE posted the article: “#2) The beginning of a new era for the oldest region (Syria)”  In the article NEC-SE stated: ”

In the article we stated: “NEC-SE believed that before Assad leaves and is “replaced” the Alawites who have been tied to Assad and the Christians will have their own “region.” This is what Russian, U.S. and other key players in Syria may have agreed upon. The Christian “region” will be geographically linked to Lebanon.”

We also posted an article which quoted a French source in an Arabic article which stated: “An official French source said commenting on Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov talks with Saudi Arabia Jubeir foreign minister that he can not imagine displacement of President al-Assad without the division of Syria, said the French source said Assad retains district of Damascus, Homs and the coast all in addition to the spread to many areas in Syria and the Arab Syrian army loyalty Assad and raises solution offsets Assad poses a placebo solution must decades of Baath Party rule, and Assad forces in the army, security and head of the pro-Assad. Then he said how we deal with Daash Oojbhh victory or conquest Army to organize the Syrian state if the removal of President al-Assad for that survival of Assad necessary but with authorship of a national unity government after the election of deputies of the Syrian under the supervision of the United Nations and result in a national unity government gives President Assad is part of his powers and seal Source saying: either the lion or the survival of the division of Syria.”


The main reality for the region is that France will not give up its relationship with Iran and vise versa Iran will not let Damascus go.  Iran is currently working to set the stage for its enduring partnership with Damascus in Syria.  Todays column points out the reality that France will speak on behalf of Iran if needed to ensure Iran’s political moves in Syria are solidified given France will be receiving economic benefits from access to Iranian markets after the Iranian “Nuclear/economic” deal which was struck between the I-5 plus one giving the EU business the inside track to the Iranian markets.


As early as 29 JUL 15 “On the first visit to Iran for 12 years by a French foreign minister, Laurent Fabius conveyed an invitation from President Francois Hollande to Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani to visit France in November, Iranian news agency ISNA said.  The last Iranian president to make a state visit to France was Mohammad Khatami in 1999, when Jacques Chirac was president.”


France is not just committed in the region to Iran’s ability to negotiate its footprint through Syria but historically when The Sykes-Picot Agreement was struck Syria was given to France and Lebanon which has been historically known as the Paris of the Middle East has always had an historical relationship with France.  Both countries and regions within the two countries are important to the French who need the oil of the Middle East and rely on the land pipeline from Iran through Iraq and Syria to sustain their energy needs independently of any other foreign power.

“The Sykes-Picot Agreement (officially the 1916 Asia Minor Agreement) was a secret agreement reached during World War I between the British and French governments pertaining to the partition of the Ottoman Empire among the Allied Powers. Russia was also privy to the discussions.”

“According to the agreement, France was to exercise direct control over Cilicia, the coastal strip of Syria, Lebanon and the greater part of Galilee, up to the line stretching from north of Acre to the northwest corner of the Sea of Galilee (“Blue Zone”). Eastward, in the Syrian hinterland, an Arab state was to be created under French protection.”


NEC-SE believes that the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad will “leave” and sooner than expected but his regime will never be given up given France, Isreal, Iran, Russia, and other key regional actors need the regime to remain intact for them to stabilize their national efforts in the region weather those efforts are tied to supporting their security, development, or governance lines of effort.  The same lines of effort which NEC-SE has as the primary lines to accomplishing its mission in the region.

As a note since this will be a last term for Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad he can find an exit strategy where he survives if he is given a chance to chose his predecessor.  During a recent report on Voice of America an article was posted where Bashar Al-Assad had stated: “complaining of foreign interference in his country’s four-year civil war, said he would not permit international observers for any future elections.  Elections under international supervision? No, that is an intervention into Syrian sovereignty,” Assad said in an interview broadcast Tuesday by Al-Manar TV, which the Hezbollah militant group operates.  Assad, interviewed in the presidential office in Damascus, also said a resolution to the Syrian conflict will come only when foreign countries halt what he sees as efforts to undermine his government.”



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