Expect an emerging IS-Italian-Mexican ?criminal ?triad

NEC-SE has been looking at the link analysis that point to an emerging IS-Italian-Mexican criminal triad over the past few months.

The Shocking escape of El Chapo? in July?; IS unusual attack on Taliban forces ?in Afghanistan ?and ?last December´s ?”Ghost Ship Scandal” involving the ?Mafia; the Italian navy and an Italian maritime supply firm involved in profiting from fictitious fuel sales with ?supposed ?delivery via ?what was in fact a sunken vessel underscore how Italy-the “soft underbelly of Europe” may prove to be the crucial staging area helping ISIS expand globally. For IS, entering Europe as business partners with the mob has many advantages. The mob in turn likes to become a resurgent king in Eastern Hemisphere drug distribution and in contraband sales of Libyan fuel (delivered or otherwise).

Where does Mexico fit in? Recall that Mexico has emerged as the leading player in heroin sales worldwide of both Mexican cheap black tar heroin ?obtained ?from ?Mexican farm land and Asian white. IS ?surely ?wishes to ?advance its´aims by any expedient means possible and why not ?partner with Mexico and the Italian mafia to create lucrative channels of supply and human trafficking toward?s? two mega targets-Rome & the US?? ?Think that IS is just too islamically observant to taint itself with drugs? Recent reports suggest otherwise. On December 22nd of last year, as reported in the online publication VICE NEWS, a raid conducted on the home of IS leader Emir Abu Zahra (reportedly killed during the gun battle) apparently turned up cocaine in a large plastic bag, according to Vice News correspondent Joakim Medin who also cited rumors of ISIS fighters being drugged for jihad. A 15 year old boy captured by Kurdish forces AND interviewed last October by CBS recounted how IS gives their fighters the anti-anxiety drug Zolam that radically alters perceptions and faciltates carrying out suicide attacks. Moreover Spanish intelligence sources mentioned in the NY Post have cited that jihadist groups including ISIS use drugs to generate funding for their activities in Iraq and Syria and traffic in both weapons and ?drugs including ?cocaine, heroin and hashish.

?Thus if one adds drug trafficking profits to already known contraband oil sales to the mix IS receipts will ?soon ?be surging ?even more ?with ?the possibility of ?Afghanistan supplying low volume high value ?heroin which Mexican networks in Europe ?and the Americas would be only too happy to obtain ?to keep product ?meeting demand. El Chapo´s open ?f?eud with Donald Trump mirrors the rage that IS feels toward the “Great Satan” that refuses to go down without a huge fight. The colossal amount of weapons South of the US border; the strong demand for heroin North of it and the “fencing” between the two intoxicate. Plus as ?thousands of ?refugees stream toward Europe and the U.S.-many of whom are or can be recruited to be ?both drug mules and ?IS fighters, cash?, contraband? and weapons become hugely important forces pushing IS?, the Italian Mafia? and Mexic?an drug cartels into the same corner and that means El Chapo? as well?-a key executive enabling ?cartel ?operations to operate efficiently and prosper-?who becomes ??a natural ally of Al-Baghdadi.

Expect the huge data breaches of federal employees; oceans of cash straddling the US-Mexico border; resentment among many sacked whites angry at the hipster in the White House and anxious about ?US Federal overreach into ?their personal data being violated to facilitate surprising unrest?, breakdown within all strata of society-including law enforcement? and ?even ?vigilante style justice. Italy can see infiltration of its outlying islands as transshipment points for human trafficking and contraband from Libyan warehouses with much mafia bloodshed as factions try to muscle in to control ?an emerging IS-Mafia bazaar. ?Expect ?IS ?to make secret alliances to ?help ?supply Mexic?an drug cartels via Europe ?and ?to leverage influence with them closer to the US.

The below article states: “Mexican Cartels Buying Afghan Heroin”


“Mexican cartels have established business alliances with gangs operating in places like Afganistán and Turkey, in order to obtain and smuggle drugs to supply Europe and North America, according to investigator Edgardo Buscaglia, a fellow at the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM).”

In an interview with EL UNIVERSAL, Buscaglia confirmed that Mexican narcotraffickers operate like multinational emissaries “to establish contacts and place operatives that can deal with the Turkish and Indian criminal organizations in order to facilitate the production and sale of drugs,” specifically heroin.

“Buscaglia says that according to his investigation, these criminal groups operate on an international level, and their bases of operations are located in México.”

“It is in the interest of these Mexican groups (specifically the Sinaloa alliance) that they open smuggling routes for the distribution of heroin to the U.S. market. Furthermore, they are not only focusing on the movement of Afghan heroin through Mexico; they are also taking positions of power as major players in the international world of the heroin trade,” according to Buscaglia, who is also the director the International Center of Legal and Economic Development.”

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