11 Jewish ex-congressmen back Iran deal; 190 former generals oppose

On 11 AUG 15 I was interviewed on the Josh Bernstein Show on the economic influences of the Iran Nuclear deal.  The reality is that as their has been an outcry by some Israeli leadership about the Iranian Nuclear Deal key generals in the Israeli Army have stated that the deal is good for Israel.

If the United States rejects the deal it will be left out of the Iranian business markets for a decade and will lose out of billions of dollars to the European Community.


The article states:  “Eleven Democratic Jewish former congressmen signed a letter supporting the agreement over Iran’s nuclear program, while 190 former generals signed a letter opposing the agreement.  The letter backing the deal, released Thursday, touted the signers’ pro-Israel bona fides, and said the agreement “halts the immediate threat of a nuclear-armed Iran.” Congressional rejection of the deal, the letter warned, would “put Iran back on the path to develop a nuclear weapon within two to three months.”



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