Russia gearing up to be first world power to insert ground forces into Syria

On 12 AUG 15 NEC-SE posted:  ” #2) The beginning of a new era for the oldest region (Syria).

In the article we stated: “What NEC-SE see from this link analysis is that Turkey, which was heavily engaged in Syria, has been defeated from a policy standpoint. With Zarif going to Syria and Lebanon, it has become clear that Iran is the key player in the region.”

“The link analysis and our understanding of the operational environment show us that these key players have turned over the execution of their policy to Iran’s FM Zarif, who negotiated his country’s nuclear deal with world powers, which is why he is in Damascus and Beirut talking about the possible peace process in Syria.”

On 18 AUG 15 NEC-SE posted: Six Russian MIG-31 Interceptor Aircrafts land in Damascus to rescue Assad regime.  In the article we stated: “On 21 MAY 15 on the Raymond Arauyo show, when asked about Syria and what will happened to the Christians in Syria, I asserted that Bashar al-Assad will not survive more than six months and that the Christian Assyrians will not get back their footprint in the Khabur River Valley….it seems the time has come to end this decision cycle for what will bring a possible conclusion to the Syria diplomatic crises.”

We also stated: “NEC-SE believed that before Assad leaves and is “replaced” the Alawites who have been tied to Assad and the Christians will have their own “region.” This is what Russian, U.S. and other key players in Syria may have agreed upon. The Christian “region” will be geographically linked to Lebanon.”


On 19 AUG 15 NEC-SE posted: Russian arms lift to Syria continues after MiG landings

In the posting we stated:  Once the Russians make a decision to support someone they do so directly, in the open, immediately, and without relying on any double talk or double step to justify their actions.


On 26 AUG 15 NEC-SE posted the article:  If Assad Falls, West Will Be Unable to Defeat ISIL –French Politician.  The article stated: “In an interview for Le Point, French politician Nicolas Dupont-Aignan noted that the West’s “ill-conceived neo-colonial policy” of overthrowing secular governments in the Middle East was to blame for the disaster presently being faced by the region and by Europe, adding that if the Syrian government falls, ISIL’s positions will become unassailable.”


Todays Article States: “Despite strong denials from Moscow, Russian airborne troops are preparing to land in Syria to fight Islamic State forces. The surprise attack on Monday, Aug. 31, by ISIS forces on the Qadam district of southern Damascus, in which they took over parts of the district – and brought ISIS forces the closest that any Syrian anti-Assad group has ever been to the center of the Syrian capital – is expected to accelerate the Russian military intervention.
Moscow is certainly not ready to endanger the position of President Bashar Assad or his rule in Damascus, and views it as a red line that cannot be crossed. If Russia intervenes militarily in this way, Russia will be the first country from outside the Middle East to send ground forces into the Syrian civil war.”

“DEBKAfile’s military sources report that discussions by the Russo-Syrian Military Commission, which was established last month in Moscow to coordinate the intervention, accelerated during the last few days.”



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