Saudi king wants Obama to tackle Iranian ‘mischief’

Near East Center for Strategic Engagement

On 9 AUG 15 NEC-SE posted the article: World Communities Ultimate goal for Saudi Arabia.  In the article we stated: “In several interviews and posts dating back to April 2015 the NEC-SE has stated that Saudi may not last past September and may end up braking up into several emirates. With numerous bombings and protests taking place throughout the country, and with the body bags starting to come home from the war in Yemen, Saudi leaders need to significantly change their political mindset for Saudi Arabia to survive as a viable state within the region.”

“Recent comments by the Saudi king on the situation in the Middle East reveal that neither he nor his advisors understand what may be about to befall the Saudi state. As well, they seem unable to grasp that Saudi financial and military support for IS is viewed unfavorably by much of the world community.  Taking into…

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