Isil ‘launch second chemical attack in Syrian town’ say doctors

“Doctors and activists in Syria on Tuesday accused the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) of launching a second chemical weapon attack in Marea, a strategically important town north of Aleppo. Some 20 casualties were reportedly left with breathing difficulties and angry blisters. A field researcher with the Syrian Network for Human Rights said the shells oozed black liquid, leaving an “awful” smell.”
“An earlier Isil strike on the town left 54 people with similar symptoms. Chemical weapons experts said the physical effects were consistent with those expected after exposure to a mustard agent. The extremist group also reportedly launched attacks against Kurdish peshmerga soldiers in Iraq yesterday. Early reports on Tuesday suggested that Isil had fired a homemade rocket filled with a chemical substance at fighters along the front line north of Mosul. A “considerable amount” of yellow smoke was produced, the Kurdistan Region’s Security Council said in a statement. As in Marea, a similar Isil strike against the peshmerga in mid-August appeared to use a mustard agent, US officials have said. Some experts fear that the group’s cache of mustard agent is part of a larger stockpile of undeclared chemical weapons belonging to the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.” (Coordination Cell)



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