Turkish Forces Cross Into Iraq for Short-Term PKK Operation

“NEC-SE has stated during multiple radio and T.V. interviews that this day will come. Today both of our predictions have been validated as true on open source. Unfortunately for the Assyrians who are fighting against ISIS forces in Nineveh Plains the incursion by the Turkish forces will limit or stop U.S./Coalition Forces Airstrikes in the Kurdish region given they will try to avoid killing any Kurdish forces in their operations against the Kurds. This action will remove the air cover for the Christian Assyrians and Kurdish forces along the Forward Line of Troops (FLOT) in Nineveh Plains which will possibly embolden ISIS to attack the Kurdish forces who are going to be attack by both Turkey and ISIS. These actions are a direct result of the Kurdish leadership not understanding that global economies and powers out weight the corrupt needs of a tribal group which still refuses to understand their place in todays Iraq and Syria and not a “greater Kurdistan”.

Near East Center for Strategic Engagement

On 29 MAR 15 NEC-SE stated: “Furthermore, Turkey now has possibly 60 to 90 days to determine whether closing the border will still allow them the regional influence and control they need over northern Syria and Iraq to be a regional hegemony and thus preventing further Iranian influence and further Kurdish territorial expansion within and along its southern boarders. If closing the borders does not achieve this aim you may be assured that Turkey will be forced to take military action in the KRG footprint and in northern Syria to create a security or buffer zone along key terrain against regional competitors, (Iran), and to ensure that fighting does not spill over into southern turkey.”

“With Iran having indirect and direct control over Kirkuk and its oil fields, the taking of Tikrit will be the first step towards furthering Iranian hegemony goals in the region. Turkey is being pushed closer…

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