German Chancellor Angela Merkel has spurred on Europe’s migrant crisis to try and shore up an ageing German population as assure her country economic dominance in years to come, according to an interview with her party ally and grandee Kurt Biedenkopf.

On 11 SEP 15 NEC-SE posted the 1st Year Annaviersary Exclusive article looking at the refugee crisis in detail.  We especially pointed out the economic benefits to Germany’s economy.  Were glad to see that Breitbart and other main street media outlets have understood our assessment as verified by the grandee of Mrs. Merkel’s CDU party.

The article states:  “Biedenkopf, a respected veteran politician and grandee of Mrs. Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party explained to Die Welt newspaper that the German Chancellor was taking the steps she has in recent weeks – increasing the pull factor behind the migrant crisis by urging hundreds of thousands into Europe – in order to secure her nation’s economic future.”




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