“We do the same to you as the IS”: Ezidis leave Akre refugee camp

“The cause that led to recent clashes between Muslim Kurds and Ezidi refugees on Friday in a refugee camp located in Akre has now been clarified.”

“About 12,000 refugees are currently housed at the refugee camp of Mamilian, including around 9,000 Ezidis from Shingal as well as 3,000 Muslim Kurds who had to flee the Iraqi metropolis of Mosul. This camp for internally displaced persons was completed earlier this year and is under the management of Dohuk Province. In March this year, UNHCR estimated the number of refugees there at 12,503 people.”

“On Friday morning, a verbal dispute then erupted between members of the Kurdish Shabak, Zebari and Harky tribes on the one side and Ezidis on the other. The heated verbal exchange continued until noon. Soon after, the Muslim Kurds of the camp called in their fellow tribe members from the surrounding areas who rushed to the scene armed and in the hundreds, surrounding the camp and firing shots in the air, as several refugees confirmed.”

“The Kurds mobilized their relatives and fellow tribe members from the villages who then surrounded the camp. They were armed and fired shots over the camp and shouted slogans of DAESH (editor´s note: Arabic acronym for IS) terrorists. When they shouted that they would do the same to us what the IS did, the Ezidi families began to hide their women and children out of fear for them”, says an Ezidi refugee describing the course of the incident.”



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