Turkey’s indigenous regional jet project faces local production ‘crisis’

Speaks volumes about Turkey recognizing the fragility of a housing market centered economy. Also, that the ruling AK may not understand manufacturing technology.  Turkey will have many more of these issues to deal with in the near future.  Do not be surprised if they expand their footprint in Northern Iraq provinces after the next Turkish elections.  Their survival may depend on it.

“The TRJet program to build Turkey’s first indigenous regional jet faces problems as the U.S.-based Sierra Nevada Corp. (SNC), a partner in the jet program, has been asked to produce at least 70 percent of the jet’s parts in Turkey by the Undersecretariat for the Defense Industry (SSM), according to company representatives, noting that a final agreement has been not inked yet.”

“The TRJet program was first launched in a ceremony attended by Prime Minister Ahmet Davuto?lu just 10 days before the June elections, but the project already has obstacles. The SSM has asked that 70 percent of the plane parts be made in Turkey by SNC, which has undertaken the project. This, however, is not possible, according to company representatives.”



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