In Turkey, The Ankara Suicide-Bombings Show That Erdogan’s Party Must Go

“According to Turkey’s venerable Ataturkist secular newspaper Cumhuriyet, something like 694 people have died from political violence since the June 7 national election produced a hung parliament.”

On 12 OCT 15 NEC-SE posted article:  Turkey in Turmoil; Deadly bombing in Ankara sign of a nation on the brink of chaos

On 5 OCT 15 NEC-SE posted the article:  The Destruction of the Islamic Caliphate of the AK Party Under Erdogan’s Leadership

In the article we stated:  “It is the opinion of NEC-SC that Turkey’s 1 November 2015 election will NOT result in the outright victory that President Recep Tyep Erdogan is seeking. If that proves to be the case, and in light of his hunger for unchecked presidential power, we predict that he will push for another election in the spring, probably on 1 March or 1 April 2016. In a previous article (see we discussed Islam’s leadership void in the context of the problems it causes for Muslims. NEC-SC is still waiting to hear answers to the questions “who speaks for Islam?” and “who should speak for Islam?” Is it President’s Erdogan’s intention to provide answers through the mechanism of the upcoming elections?”

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