Turkey holds Europe to ransom over migrants: Country issues list of demands – including 3 billion euros in ‘aid’ – in return for tightening border controls

On 3 AUG 15 I was interviewed on Bill Martinez Live reference the refugee issues in the Middle East.  NEC-SE saw this crisis coming in mid July.

NEC-SE 1st year Anniversary Exclusive: Refugees are The New Oil Field for Turkey, was published on 11 SEP 15.  The article looked at how Turkey is making money from the Refugee issue.

On 6 OCT 15 NEC-SE conducted a radio interview which talked about the refugee crisis.

Todays main stream media article has finally caught on on how Turkey is using the refugee crisis to negotiate with NATO member countries for the survival of Erdogan’s political party.

  1. EU states have struck a deal with Turkey to try and tackle migrant crisis
  2. Includes prospect of easier access to travel visas for 78 million Turks
  3. Deal includes possible €3bn in aid and renewed talks over it joining EU
  4. The aim of the measures is to encourage refugees to stay in the country


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