Turkey set to return to single-party rule in boost for Erdogan

On 28 OCT 15 NEC-SE posted the original article: Diminishing rule of law in Turkey and EU’s blind allegiance to economic benefits.

In the article we stated: “If the AK party wins, its victory will be due to its business ties with the EU and other ‘parties’ inside and outside of the region. The EU prefers that the current business relationship with the AKP members not be severed. It should be noted in this regard that the AKP has contracted with the EU to take care of Syrian refugees in Turkey in exchange for substantial monetary payouts.”

“That being the case, one must ask what the EU is getting from Turkey in return. By way of providing an answer, we would ask our readers to recall that when U.S. Delta Team operatives killed Abu Sayyaf we discovered that he was selling oil on the cheap to Turkey. When oil prices fall to $20 USD per barrel, do not be surprised if we further ‘discover’ that ISIS was selling oil to the AK party for as little as $1 USD a barrel. With these cheap oil prices plus the deal with the EU to keep refugees in Turkey before the 1 NOV 15 elections at a cost of 3.4 Billion Euros, why would the Europeans not be happy to have such a dealmaker in their corner and in charge of Turkey?”

“NEC-SE understands that international deals and multimillion-dollar business supersedes national interests, as well as the goal of attaining peace in the Middle East.”

On 30 OCT 15 NEC-SE posted a number of related articles to show the trend of what may support an AK party victory:

  1. Turkey threatens ‘whatever necessary’ to combat Kurdish autonomy ‘mindset’ in Syria

2.  Erdogan says Turkey may hit U.S.-backed Syrian Kurds to block advance                       

3,  Wishing for a single party government Turkish President says he will respect Nov 1 result.

Todays MSN article states:

“Turkey looked set to return to single-party rule after the Islamist-rooted AK Party swept to an unexpected victory in elections on Sunday, an outcome that will boost the power of President Tayyip Erdogan but may sharpen deep social divisions.”

“With almost all ballots counted, the AKP had taken just shy of 50 percent of the votes, comfortably enough to control a majority in the 550-seat parliament and a far higher margin of victory than even party insiders had expected.”

NEC-SE wants its readers to know that this win by the ruling AK means another nail in the coffin of the Kurdish aspirations to have a larger Kurdistan in the region and will mean more bloodshed for the Kurds who oppose Turkey and others’ desires in the region. The one reality is that as long as oil is moving from Syria to Turkey and into the EU, and as long as the refugees are held at bay in Turkey, the current regional conflict, ISIL, and the current AKP leadership will probably remain in status quo at least through the next six months.

This also means that the initial NEC-SE prediction which stated that Saudi may go through a split possibly after the DEC OPEC meeting may now shift further to the right with most of the major changes for Turkey and Saudi not taking place until after new year 2016.

The hard reality for most of NEC-SE readers is that international business needs usually supersede peoples’ aspirations living within the region.


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