Saudi support for rebels slows Assad’s advance

On 5 NOV 15 NEC-SE conducted an interview on Bill Martinez Live where we presented the possibility of the bombing of the Russian Airliner in the Sinai eventually being tied to a country given countries are capable of carrying out these types of attacks.  Given Saudi does fund and support some ISIS efforts in Syria and across the region NEC-SE would not be surprised if Saudi signature is seen in the bombing.  Although we may never hear about it given the political and global fall out we would not rule it out.

The below article states:  “BEIRUT: Offensives by the Syrian army and its allies backed by Russian airstrikes are going more slowly than expected due to increased Saudi support to rebels, senior sources close to the Syrian government said, as the insurgents pressed a counterattack Friday. Ahrar al-Sham and allied rebels overran Atshan and nearby villages in the morning and, despite Russian air support, the army was unable to push them back, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and rebels said. The nearby town of Morek fell to rebels Thursday.”


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