Christians in fight against ISIS blocked from weapons, equipment by D.C. lobbyists

“Lobbyists in D.C. are blocking weapons and equipment from reaching Dwekh Nawsha, the Christian militia force that has been fighting ISIS in Iraq’s Assyrian Nineveh plains, according to retired Lt. Col. Sargis Sangari, an American advisor.”

“After 15 years, you’ll come back here and you won’t find any Christians,” said Marcus, a young Dwekh Nawsha fighter, to Yahoo News.

Marcus said that he knows that one day “our children… will ask us: ‘Why did you give up? Why didn’t you fight?’”

“So we will tell them: ‘We fought,’” he said.

Lt. Col. Sangari, an Iraq war veteran who served 20 years in the Army, told Breitbart that Dwekh Nawsha’s fighting ability has been severely depleted.

“All we’re saying is we’re done. We don’t have equipment. We don’t have the weapons. We don’t have the training,” said the Assyrian-American Lt. Col. Sangari.

“One of the biggest obstacles we run into are the lobbyist groups in Washington, D.C. who are being funded to no end to try to preach in favor of other ethnicities in the region who cannot even manage and administer their own areas,” he said. “Because of that the Assyrians have not been able to get the support they need.”

Pointing to the criticized U.S. policy of training and arming Syrian rebels, Sangari said: “As much as you’re giving money to all these individuals who are killing each other, why don’t you try to give it to the Assyrians?”

U.S. money, training, and equipment would allow the Assyrian Army to take the fight to ISIS, said Sangari. Currently, their lack of resources prevents them from launching an offensive.



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