Hollande cancels trip to Turkey for G20 after attacks: presidency

“PARIS, France – French President Francois Hollande has cancelled his visit to the G20 summit in Turkey following a wave of attacks in Paris, his office said. He will be represented by Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius and Finance Minister Michel Sapin.”

On 16 OCT 15 NEC-SE posted the article: Turkey holds Europe to ransom over migrants country issues list of demands including 3 Billion in aid in return for tightening border controls.

Now that the first wave of attacks in France have manifested themselves with the possibility of one of the attackers holding a Syrian passport we will see what the reply will be by the G20 counties in a stance with the French President.

If the leaders of the western nations decide to stand in solidarity with France that would mean the possibility of the G20 being canceled or Turkey suffering a financial loss given it will not be able to achieve any significant deals which it was hoping to strike with the western leaders who may not attend.


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