INTERVIEW: Christian Minority Group in Iraq Seeking U.S. Support to Battle ISIS


This week Emanuel Khoshaba, Commander in Chief of the Assyrian Patriotic Party’s Armed Forces, alongside retired Lt. Col. Sargis Sangari, founder of the Near East Center for Strategic Engagement and an Assyrian American, are in Washington D.C. to make their case for support from the U.S. that will allow the Assyrian Christians to continue fighting ISIS.

In an exclusive interview with Conservative Review, Khoshaba and Sangari described how supporting the indigenous Assyrian Christians from Iraq’s Assyrian Nineveh Plain would serve U.S. interests in combating ISIS in that region.

According to Khoshaba, the Assyrian Army (Dwekh Nawsha) stands ready to continue its fight against ISIS, but needs U.S. support to defend its native soil. Khoshaba believes the Christian Assyrians make a good partner for the U.S. because they are not fighting for money; rather, “we are defending and we are fighting for our historical homeland.”

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