Kurdish PKK Forces Occupy 8 Assyrian Villages in North Iraq

The next Sinjar-type operation to clear the PKK from key population centers in Iraq is about to take place in the Christian Assyrian and Yazidi villages of the Nahlah region in Dohuk Province.

This is another area that is under the KRG’s nominal administrative control and protection—and which the KRG has failed to both administer and protect.

Why has the KRG proved unable to fulfill these basic duties? And, for that matter, why has the

Iraqi government failed to fight the invading forces of the PKK, which have crossed into Iraq from Turkey?

The unfortunate reality for Assyrian and Yazidi forces currently operating in Iraq is that all their casualties—dead, wounded, missing, and captured—have been sustained in fighting with the KRG or other Kurdish groups in area they control. At the same time they have suffered members of their communities being taken into ISIL captivity but the Kurdish have not suffered the same faith in the same areas.

Relatedly, the Assyrian International News Agency (AINA) filed the following report on 23 NOV 15:

“Members of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militia entered and occupied eight Assyrian villages in north Iraq yesterday. The villages are Hezani, Belmand, Khalilane, Zoly, Kashkawa, Meroke, Rabatke, and Upper Hezani. All the villages are in areas controlled by the Kurdish Regional government of north Iraq.

“One of the homes occupied in Upper Hezani belongs to Emmanuel Khoshaba Youkhana, the leader of the Dwekh Nawsha Assyrian fighting force.

“All of the villages are still under occupation.

“Assyrian leaders fear that Turkey will bomb the villages to drive the Kurdish fighters out, and destroy the villages in the process.”




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