Islamic State Plans To Flood Europe With Heroin. Could Make £33 Billion As Oil Revenues Hit By Air Strikes

On 28 AUG 15 NEC-SE posted the article: Expect an emerging IS-Italian-Mexican ​criminal ​triad.

In the article we stated: NEC-SE has been looking at the link analysis that point to an emerging IS-Italian-Mexican criminal triad over the past few months.

On 28 OCT 15 NEC-SE concluded its series of articles with:  Will common sense prevail regarding arms purchases for Mexican Authorities or must we all succumb to drug cartels, Islamic State and NGO´s?

In the article we stated:  Expect an emerging IS-Italian-Mexican ​criminal ​triad

“Our readers know full well that the reality behind the trends about which we write are much more complex than what gets portrayed by the media. Keeping this in mind and you´ll appreciate this articles ability to suggest what is about to happen to the tenor of the discussions on border security issues and other linked topics during this up coming election year. As we all know, what open source media reports should be viewed with a critical eye. There are stories, which are often written with a view to advance some kind of agenda. However, we use open media articles to show our readers how to conduct a link analysis to understand emerging patterns in today´s news reporting’s.”

The Breitbart article posted on 29 NOV 15 states: Islamic State Plans To Flood Europe With Heroin. Could Make £33 Billion As Oil Revenues Hit By Air Strikes

This is another affirmation that NEC-SE was correct in its prediction on 28 AUG 15 and 17 SEP 15 on the prediction of to expect an emerging IS-Italian-Mexican ​criminal ​triad tied to ISIL operations in the region and the refugee crisis in Europe being a boon to Mexican Drug Cartels and ISIS network smugglers.


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