‘Own it!’ Terrorism is an Islamic issue, say some Muslims

WASHINGTON (RNS) While details are still unfolding as to why a California Muslim couple turned to murder, Muslims in the West must step up and admit terrorism is rooted in extremist Islam, said four Muslim panelists speaking at a conservative think tank on Thursday (Dec. 3).

On 28 SEP 15 NEC-SE posted the article: Who Speaks for Islam? Who Should Speak for Islam?

In the article we stated:  “NES-SE is calling on large and influential Islamic nations in the world—in particular, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Iran—to put aside their sectarian, political, and ethnic differences and work together to choose a spiritual leader for all of Islam. Rightly or wrongly, large numbers of non-muslim world believes that this is difficult for many Muslim countries given the history of enmity and conflict, chiefly between Sunnis and Shias, that has been ongoing almost since the time of the Prophet. But, absent such a leader, peace between Muslims, and between Muslims and the rest of the world, may be highly difficult to achieve in the 21st century.”

As it stands now this problem will not be resolved anytime soon.

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