Kirsten Powers: John Kerry should recognize Christian genocide

The Assyrian nation numbered 1.5 million in Iraq at the start of the invasion in 2003. Today, the best estimates put Assyrian Christian numbers around 150,000. That is a 90% reduction of this ancient population in their ancestral homeland. Assuming that the Assyrians still number around 3 million people globally, that means that as of today, as much as 95% of the Assyrian nation lives in diaspora. These numbers will not be sustainable if the United States does not arm, train, and support the Assyrian Army to secure the hearth of their historical homeland (Assyria Nineveh Plain).

The below link states:  “Indeed, ISIL warned Christians in a video, “You will not have safety, even in your dreams, until you embrace Islam.” Its militants or their affiliates have murdered or claimed credit for killing Christians in Syria, Nigeria, Iraq and Libya.”

“Invoking the “g word” to recognize this fact is not just a matter of semantics. “Groups that have been designated as genocide victims are much more likely to receive military protection, including arming and training their militias for self-defense, which is always the best defense against genocide,” Gregory Stanton, the former president of the International Association of Genocide Scholars, told me. “Members of such groups are also much more likely to receive preferential treatment as bona fide refugees under the U.N. convention and protocols on the status of refugees.”

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